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Sri Lanka, a naturally beautiful Country and a tropical Island, the pearl of the Indian Ocean lying off the southern tip of India, have attracted visitors across the globe for centuries. Visitors throughout the entire world are highly optimistic of visiting Sri Lanka for the bountiful uniqueness possessed of within her offering a wide array of shopping items, the most recognized gems (including Blue Sapphires, the King of the Sri Lankan precious stones), batik, tea, and handicrafts etc., Holding ourselves responsible we, Lanka Tours , have been playing a vital role in serving the Visitors with utmost care. As for our Company we have engaged ourselves into the Tourism Industry for more than a decade proving efficiency and responsibility with a sense of improved customer care services which has helped earn reputation and appreciation from our customers worldwide. We are based in Negombo, one of the tourist attracted Cities in the close proximity of the Katunayake (Colombo) International Airport, having bunch of tourist required facilities such as Accommodation, Transportation, Rented Vehicles – Buses, Scooters,Vans, Cars, Tuk Tuk, Mobikes, Cycles etc.

And, we, Lanka Tours, have pleasure in placing on record that we are fully equipped with all such amenities enumerated in the foregoing paragraph at affordable prices covering the tailor made conveniences “Travel Agent, Round Tours, Hotel Reservation, Excursions, Holiday Package etc., (inclusive of Private Villas, Bungalows, Resorts, Luxury Hotels, Standard Star Hotels and Budget Guesthouses) based on the need of our Customers. An experienced Member of our Team Lanka Tours is always detailed to escort our Customers to and fro of their destinations. It is however suggested better that a professionally trained Tourist Guide authorized by the Sri Lankan Tourist Office (National Tourist Guides of Chauffeur Tourist Guides) is accompanied. We do shoulder the accountability of arranging a Special Driving Permit to the interested self-driving customers of ours prior to their arrival. In keeping with the customary our vehicles of all ranges will be kept ready at the Airport to pick our Customers and drive them through to their place of stay and then proceed ahead according to the pre-decided travel itinerary. In regard to the Scooter ,Tuk Tuk and WagonR Customers with self-driving arrangements a separate Vehicle will be arranged for transporting their personal belongings.

Our pre-designed tour packages are very well tested and proven efficiently bearing in mind the practicalities thereof aimed at providing self-satisfied benefits of our Customers facilitating them to carry along with them the spectrum of memories of stay in Sri Lanka. We do also have Special Packages for Cultural Triangle Tour, World Heritage Tour, Beach Lovers, Nature Lovers, and Wildlife Lovers especially designed with specific purposes. The spotlighted locations herein indicating the locations of visits in Sri Lanka are self-explanatory. We, Lanka Tours, extend our warmth invitation to Tourist across the globe to the Island Nation Sri Lanka for pleasant stays and we assure everyone our Best Services at all times.

Our pre-designed tour packages are very efficient & practically proved to get maximum benefits of your stay in Sri Lanka. We do have Special Packages for Cultural Triangle Tour, World Heritage Tour, Beach Lovers, Nature Lovers, and Wildlife Lovers specially designed with specific purpose. And also we design custom tour packages based on our guest’s interests, requirements & practical possibilities.

It is best to take a tourist guide who is professionally trained and authorized by the Sri Lankan tourist office. These are categorized as National Tourist Guides of Chauffeur Tourist Guides. We do bookings for all types of accommodation include Private Villas, Bungalows, Resorts, Luxury Hotels, Standard Star Hotels and Budget Guesthouses in Sri Lanka. Accommodation can be provided to your budget.

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Local expertise

Only the best guides and local partners are working with us. You can have a firsthand experience to each destination and all the destinations are designed to suit individual needs.

Save time and effort

Our staff is planning each and every destination in order to suit your desires and get the maximum use of time. You need not to worry. Just let us arrange everything perfect for you.

Knowledge and experience

With our experienced staff’s consultancy we are planning your tour so that you are not going to miss a single important place that you should visit. All are planned according to our knowledge and your desire.

Friendly staff

Each and every member of our team is passionate about work and always ready to help. Just get in touch with us and we will guide you to arrange the tour in the most valuable way.

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